Postcards from Montreal – EP Review

There are times when a musician creates a melody of songs that in one moment can make someone, pause, listen and forget what they were doing. I had one of those moments while listening to Amanda Creiglow’s album Postcards from Montreal. The first three songs of the album “I’ll Be True”, “I Did the Writing” […]

DEVICE goes Underground at Sokol and Ugly Scene Interviews Virus

Ugly Scene: First of all thank you for doing the interview with me today. Virus: No problem. Ugly Scene: I would like to talk about your childhood. I was reading that you learned to play violin first and you’ve even been in Broadway shows. Virus: Obviously I’m here because I’m a music lover. When I […]

MADLIFE ~ To Live and Die in Hollywood

MADLIFE’s official music video “To live and die in Hollywood” has been unleashed and dominates the music scene with their upcoming 4th album release, “21st Century Meglomaniac” out later this month. “To Live and Die In Hollywood” debuted at number 8 most added on Mediabase’s Active Rock Radio, climbing to number 6 the following week. […]

Forever Still

Rising fast from the Copenhagen underground, Forever Still is ready to conquer the hearts of those craving original rock with a twist. The female fronted rock band is quickly becoming one of Denmark’s most buzzed about upcoming bands, as the combination of gritty guitars, electronic elements and catchy songs appeals to the inner rocker in […]

Tyranny of Hours

Tyranny of Hours is a Power- Progressive band based out of the Northwest United States. Going against the grain of the local music scene (primarily indy-rock, post grunge, blues and tribute bands), they united their influences of fusion and progressive rock with European metal to create their own brand of music. Featuring the soaring vocals […]

EMPHATIC – Keeps on Rockin’!

EM•PHAT•IC /emˈfatik/ Showing or giving emphasis; expressing something forcibly and clearly; definite and clear. The question here is, does the new line up of Emphatic pull it off and live up to their name? The answer is – Yes The band has been reinvented with new lead vocalist, Toryn Green who formerly was a member […]

A Double Dose of Skeletonwitch

Review by Crystal H.: Last year I had been fortunate enough to see, and interview, the mighty mighty Skeletonwitch, who hail from Athens, Ohio, make a headline appearance t Jackpot’s Music Hall in Lawrence during an off-night from the Chimaira and Unearth tour. I had previously only seem them a couple of times in opening […]

Slipknot kills it at Knotfest

A sight to behold and sounds to heighten your carnivalistic senses. The first annual Knotfest was fuled with Music, Zombie firebreathers, Hellacious stiltz walkers, Carnival rides, Deranged Freestyle, Food from Carnavilistic funnel cakes to Greek and of course you can not forget to mention the Maggots. Circus style tents housed many things but the most […]