MadLife Interviews

Fight or Flight: Is Life By Design? Interview with Dan Chandler

While on hiatus from Grammy Award-nominated, multi-platinum Chicago-based juggernaut Disturbed in 2012, guitarist Dan Donegan started to intensely miss touring and recording. So, he reached out to Evans Blue front man Dan Chandler with an idea. We caught up with Dan Chandler to talk about the beginnings of Fight or Flight, the album that drops […]

21st Century Megalomaniac – Interview with Isaiah of MADLIFE

MADLIFE has exploded into the realm of rock with their newest EP “21st Century Megalomaniac”. The band has formed a massive fan base and has had considerable success including recording tracks for film and television which include Sony International’s “Hex,” trailers and bumpers, NBC’s “Blue Skies” pilot, Discovery Channel’s “Suits to Boots,” the “Vampires Suck” […]

Gemini Syndrome – Interview with Aaron Nordstrom

I am alive inside of your truth, I am your proof – “Pleasure & Pain” Gemini Syndrome encapsulates both ends of the spectrum. The band conjures ethereal alternative melodies and then tempers them with gnashing, guttural distortion. These five musicians—Aaron, Rich, Mike, AP, and Brian— met when Aaron’s love for the illuminati caught Rich’s attention […]

DEVICE goes Underground at Sokol and Ugly Scene Interviews Virus

Ugly Scene: First of all thank you for doing the interview with me today. Virus: No problem. Ugly Scene: I would like to talk about your childhood. I was reading that you learned to play violin first and you’ve even been in Broadway shows. Virus: Obviously I’m here because I’m a music lover. When I […]

Lita Ford Interview

“I wanted to write an album which gives people courage, inspires them and gives them new power, in other words the power of music. As it has done for me on difficult days, I want this music to help people to get through tough times, while remembering their happy times as well. It’s happened to […]

Sean Danielsen of Smile Empty Soul Interview

Interview with singer Sean Danielson of Smile Empty Soul: Ugly Scene: Thank you for taking the time for the interview. Sean: No problem, thank you for having me. Ugly Scene: The description of the band on Facebook says Smile. Let’s start a little from the beginning. You and Ryan started out the band. How did […]

Adam of Another Lost Year Interview

Ugly Scene: Thank you for taking the time for the interview. Adam: Thank you! Ugly Scene: “Better Days Out” is the bands newest album. Tell me a little bit about it Adam: We went into Cross Trax studio in Memphis TN with Justin Rimer and we had fifteen or sixteen songs that we wrote. We […]

Emma of Sick Puppies Interview

I was seriously excited to get the message back that I had an interview with Emma of Sick Puppies. She rocks the bass like none other and is a role model for many girls out there. Eve’s Scene: First I’d like to say thank you very much for the interview! Emma: No worries at all, […]

Prospect Hill Interview with Adam Fithian

Ugly Scene: Thank you for taking the time for the interview. Adam: Of course. Ugly Scene: Tell me a little about Prospect Hill. Adam: The band itself started long before I came along. The guitar player Derek and Mark started when they were kids and they were around sixteen years old. The band eventually grew […]