Sean Danielsen of Smile Empty Soul Interview

969890_524193600968551_45475935_nInterview with singer Sean Danielson of Smile Empty Soul: Ugly Scene: Thank you for taking the time for the interview. Sean: No problem, thank you for having me. Ugly Scene: The description of the band on Facebook says Smile. Let’s start a little from the beginning. You and Ryan started out the band. How did you two come together? Who came up with the name? (It’s you (Sean Danielsen) vocals and lead guitar, Ryan Martin on bass & Jake Kilmer on drums and vocals). Sean: Ryan and I have been jamming together since 97 I think, but we officially started "Smile Empty Soul" in 98. Jake and Ryan are old friends and when we needed a drummer in 05 Jake clicked right in. Ugly Scene: What are some of your favorites from "3's"? Sean: I'd have to say "wrecking ball", "not alike", and "carve" are songs I really love to play. Ugly Scene: I really like the song Afterlife and video. Was the band involved in the making of it and the idea for the video? Sean: We talked to the director at length about certain themes and vibes we wanted to portray and then let him run a little bit within those boundaries. I think it turned out great. Ugly Scene: I read the band is planning on having your 6th album to be released this year? Sean: Yes, we're entering the studio in a couple weeks to record the new songs we have written, and plan on releasing the album in the early fall. Ugly Scene: you have an EP “Enjoy the Process”. A separate project from the band? “For the First time” video. Sean:  Yes, I released a solo E.P. a couple weeks ago called "enjoy the process". It's just me doing some soft, delicate songs that I wrote. You can get the E.P. on iTunes, amazon, and google play. I also posted a homemade video for the song "for the first time" on YouTube. Ugly Scene: When you create a song how is the idea formed? Do you come with lyrics ready and an idea for the music or do you meet with the band have a jam session and see what happens? 428406_524194207635157_499440486_nSean: I usually write the progressions and melody, then fit the right lyrics in. But it's different with every song. Ugly Scene:  How did you go about deciding on the name of the band? Sean: When we started out we had a song called "smile empty soul" about empty people walking around with fake smiles on their faces. We needed a name and thought that fit well. Ugly Scene:  Really liked the art work on the site. Who does that? Anyone in the band? Sean: Our friend Chris Sehenuk does a lot of our artwork for us. He's incredible Ugly Scene: Is there anything else you would like to add to promote the band? Sean: Look us up online, check out our music, and come to our shows!!!! Ugly Scene: Thank you so very much for the Interview! Sean: No problem For more information: Website Facebook Twitter          

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