Lita Ford Interview

middlebannerlitaford“I wanted to write an album which gives people courage, inspires them and gives them new power, in other words the power of music. As it has done for me on difficult days, I want this music to help people to get through tough times, while remembering their happy times as well. It’s happened to me plenty of times: fans come up to me and tell me how my songs have helped them in difficult situations, in a way it is almost like a soundtrack to their lives.” ~ Lita Ford Ugly Scene: Thank you so much. I have interviewed many people but for me it was like “Oh My Gosh!” Lita: Oh Thank You! Ugly Scene: I would like to talk about Lita before and Lita now. I would like to talk a little about your childhood. I know that your parents were very supportive. Lita: Neither of my parents were a singer or an artist. As a matter of fact when my mother used to sing they would tell her to shut up. (laughs) My mother was born in Rome and raised in Rome and my father was born in London. They met during World War II. He was wounded in the war. The famous Anzio Beach attack and he was put in the hospital and they met, fell in love and got married and had their one and only child. Me. We had family in the United States so we moved to the United States. I was pretty much raised in California. So I consider myself a California girl. Ugly Scene: You said that this is like a new beginning for you with your new album. Can you tell us a little bit about your new songs? I know that this album is more personal. 947115_531003400287571_1134152996_nLita: Yes it is. This album is based around a lot of life experiences that I’ve had and I think a lot of songs are. Not just my songs but a lot of peoples songs are based off of real life experiences whether you fall in love or whether you fall out of love. It’s kind of a drama I guess you could say and a lot of people seem to write about their life experiences whether your happy and you met someone and you write all these happy love songs. Or whether you fall out of love and you write songs that you don’t want that person around anymore, like an angry song. This album has songs that were written for my kids, songs that were written for my ex husband. Written as a female in general, more of like an empowering sort of way. I think that women need all the help they can get and I think this album is an empowering album. More so personal and empowering. If I could change the album cover it would be one big middle finger. Ugly Scene: One of the reasons Ugly Scene was created is that it talks about the other side of glam. I think that as a fan you always look at what your favorite artists are going through any many times they can get the help they need because they heard someone they look up to talk about the very same problem they dealt with. Lita: I did a little bit of research on divorce and of one hundred percent of the people that get married fifty percent get divorced. The other fifty percent stay together because of kids, business. Really twenty five percent of people still married are truly happy. I didn’t want to be one of those people that stayed married for any other reason other than love. I wasn’t in love and I was in an abusive relationship physically, emotionally and sexually. I said screw this, I’m out of here. I’m not going to live the rest of my life like a doormat. I wanted to play music and I was being held back. I think a lot of women put up with a lot of being pushed around, called names and put down. Being made so they feel small, weak and not worthy where they are worthy and they shouldn’t be put down, called names and pushed around. 954894_531003353620909_66656382_nThey need to stick up for themselves and you got to have a plan and you have to follow through with it. You can’t back down if you’re going to leave or you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone who is going to treat you that way then that’s your priority. But for those of you who don’t want to spend the rest of your lives like that then you need to come up with a plan and don’t let anybody know. Don’t tell anybody unless they are your sister, your brother or somebody who is close to you that you can really truly trust. Get them on your side and they will help you. It’s like escaping from jail and it happens to people. It happened to Tina Turner, it happened to me and it can happen to anybody. I chose to fight back. I think a lot of women are in that situation. It’s terrible and my heart goes out to people like that. I didn’t want my kids to grow up and say “Well mom, if you were unhappy why did you stay? Why didn’t you leave?” Well I did. This album is based around that and it’s why I call it an aggressive album because it’s empowering, and aggressive. Ugly Scene: Is there anything else you would like to add about the band? Lita: Scot Coogan is on drums and he played with the Brides of Destruction and Ace Frehley. Marty O’Brien is on bass and he played with Tommy Lee. It’s kind of funny because I got one guy who played with Nikki and one guy who played with Tommy so they get along and play real well together. I’ve got Mitch Perry on guitar and he’s played with everybody from Cher to Asia, you name it he’s played with them and them me. No keyboards this time around. It’s more guitar orientated tour so we wanted to really drive home the guitars on this tour. Ugly Scene: Thank you so very much for your time! Lita: You’re Welcome! - Michelle Saltzman For more information go to: Website Facebook Twitter YouTube

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