MADLIFE ~ To Live and Die in Hollywood

179454_10151564527738984_1693806094_nMADLIFE’s official music video “To live and die in Hollywood” has been unleashed and dominates the music scene with their upcoming 4th album release, “21st Century Meglomaniac” out later this month. “To Live and Die In Hollywood” debuted at number 8 most added on Mediabase’s Active Rock Radio, climbing to number 6 the following week. The single is available on iTunes and CD Baby. The line up for MADLIFE consists of Angry Phill- Vocals, Isaiah Stuart- Guitar, Kyle Cunningham- Drums and Carlos Pagan-Bass I had asked for a simple blurb about the video and got the unexpected pleasure of talking with Isaiah bout it. Ugly Scene: To Live and Die in Hollywood is out now and I have to tell you after watching it I really wanted to know more of the story. It’s like when your favorite show stops and you’re like wait, I want more. Isaiah: When we were shooting this video it was scorching hot in the Mojave dessert. It was trying to get a bunch of rock musicians to act, or trying to act. The locations were pretty neat. They were the burned out apocalyptic looking locations. Ugly Scene: So a bunch of rock stars trying to act. Did you have to have any training for that? 207094_10151121215423984_471243470_nIsaiah: No we didn’t. We just kind of went out there and winged it and repeated a few times until it was done. It was a lot of fun, exciting and chaotic and a new experience for me. I’ve been on shoots before but was always there watching them. To be on the other side of it this time was very unique and fun. As we were shooting there was an post-apocalyptic festival called “Wastland Weekend.” It’s a Mad Max inspired festival. There was approximately 1000 people there all dressed up in cosplay and everyone had guns and weapons but they couldn’t be real. Some people had a hummer with giant cannons on top and someone next to them had a little mini bike with spikes all over it. You walk into the bar and there was a weapons check. The video was a two day shoot in multiple locations and we took the tour bus out as a moving production vehicle. It was in 5 locations including Hollywood and was a very interesting organizational feat. Ugly Scene: Did you have a favorite part of the video? Isaiah: Doing the fight scene was fun. But I’m not going to lie, it went on forever. They kept going from angle to angle. The person that has to get the most props is Billy Holmquist. He’s the blonde guy in the video with us. Billy is a very old friend of mine that stood in because we had no bassist at the time. He also is the guy in the gas mask that I fought. He did have thick leather armor on and he said that I had to make it real and hit him. Those swords are dull but I was like, Billy I really don’t want to hit you. He said It’s ok man, just do it. That poor guy is such a trooper. I probably wacked him with those swords fifty times and he just took it every time. I felt so bad but he wouldn’t let me stop, would say do it again and I would see him cringe. So he gets the most props. Ugly Scene: Did you get to keep the cane? That was a pretty bad ass cane. Isaiah: I actually have that on my wall. I have training in martial arts and competitions but not recently. The funny thing is that when they said walk over here and look like you found this thing. I was like huh ok? Then it was hold this thing out, flip through the air and slice this guy, I was like ok I got that. Ugly Scene: It definitely looked like you knew what you were doing in the video. Isaiah: Yeah I flipped a sword around in my hand once or twice. Ugly Scene: The new album drops the end of the month. Isaiah: Yes it does and we’re very excited for the new EP. We had Evan9 from Cage 9 and Powerman 5000 who did the co-production and engineering on it so it sounds fantastic. The artwork again was done by Phil Merkle and it’s pretty cool stuff. Angry Phill brought it over and said here look what he did. He goes to some weird places in his mind to create such unusual artwork so we like it. Ugly Scene: Your going to be shooting the video for just one gun soon? It is going to be completely different than To Live and Die in Hollywood? Isaiah: Correct. Matt Zane from Society 1 is directing and editing it. He came to us and was like look, you guys did a story last time. Let’s do a fun intense performance video with a meaning behind it. Angry Phill, Kyle and Matt went and choose the locations and it’s pretty exciting. I can’t divulge what we are going to do but its not going to be fluffy white bunny rabbits with garden flowers. It’s going to be the exact opposite of that. Ugly Scene: It will be the rabid rabbits. Isaiah: Exactly! The rabid version of that. Ugly Scene: Are you going to do more webisodes? I love those outtakes. Isaiah: We have already shot one. We went and cruised around Schecter Guitar Research, picked up our new guitars and hung out with our rep. Basically got a tour of a giant compound. Ugly Scene: That’s all I have for now. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me and I really look forward to the new album. Isaiah: Can’t wait for you to hear it. Thank you so much. 538622_10151121215213984_1149828090_n - Michelle Lynn For more on MADLIFE: Official Site Facebook Twitter YouTube (Along with the video check out the webisodes about the video and funny outtakes from the band) CD Baby iTunes

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