What on earth is Stukenberg????

So… I had the opportunity to meet this band from Texas… great sound and all, but… well… How can I explain this… Here at UglyScene, whether we have a phone interview or a live video interview, we like to transcribe said interviews and post them for our visitors to read them wherever they are; however, I believe that this interview is impossible to transcribe… I know, it sucks! and the band’s URL is StukenbergSucks.com too… hmmm No, seriously, they do not suck! They are great! And by great… I mean, the leader, David Stukenberg, has issues, which makes his music very interesting! We will present you this time, with a video interview that makes absolutely no sense, and an e-mail interview with their manager and friend Jesse… WHY? Because Stukenberg is special! They are different! And next time, I promise, we will do the video interview before the show, not after… Now, some things we understood from the interview: the band is the brain-child of singer/song writer David Stukenberg and the band’s manager Jesse, One of the members came to the band through a Craigslist ad and the manatee is the cow of the sea, but they are not the same as Dugongs (also, sea cows). I hope you enjoy it.

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