TAURUS in OMAHA – Interview

UglyScene had the pleasure to interview Stevie Floyd and Ashley Spungin from Taurus at the Waiting Room Lounge in Omaha, Nebraska during their tour with Agalloch. Portland, Oregon subsonic psychedelic doom duo TAURUS, featuring Stevie Floyd of Dark Castle and Ashley Spungin, formerly of Purple Rhinestone Eagle, today announce the release of their debut full-length entitled Life. Set for release on July 5, Life is one haunting, 35-minute movement recorded live at A Studio With No Name by Dave French and mastered by James Plotkin. Life will be released on LP and CD formats with an included poster, photographs and Floyd-crafted screen print on a recycled chip board case. A special limited box will also be available with further details to be released in the coming weeks. In conjunction with the release, TAURUS will take their abstract, stirring and painfully beautiful hymns to the stage this Summer with AGALLOCH. The month-long journey will begin on July 11. See confirmed dates below. About TAURUS: Their view; it is cosmic. Not of a man here, a child there, but an abstraction. Not honorable men, but of honor itself; the abstract is real, the actual is invisible to them, It is their sense of space and time. They see through the here, the now, into the vast black deep beyond, the unchanging. And that is fatal to life. Because eventually there will be no life; there was once only dust particles in space, the hot hydrogen gases, nothing more, and it will come again. This is an interval. The cosmic process is hurrying on, crushing life back into the granite and the methane; the wheel turns for all life. It is all temporary, and these — these madmen — respond to the granite, the dust.

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