Narumi and Anza of Head Phones President (HPP) Interview

62861_528603900511010_1428624281_n Head Phones President is a band that if you have not heard of, you soon will. HPP did not dig their roots in and stick to the local scene in Japan. They have spread out wide into International territory and have grown a fan base around the world. Head Phones President started their rise to the top with their first Maxi-Single “Escapism” that climbed to the Number 1 position on the Tower Records singles charts at the Tokyo Shibuya store within three days of its release. HPP kept on the rise with releases of more albums (see the links below) and have ended up sharing the stage with bands such as Slipknot, Story of the Year, As I Lay Dying and many more. HPP has toured around the world including Sweden, Taipei and Los Angeles. Recently they were in the states for the MTAC Omega in Nashville and in NY City at The Delancy. For full information of their successful album release history go to their HPP Facebook Page or the HPP Web Site (Links will be inserted here) Ugly Scene has yet again crossed the seas, via the net, and had the honor to interview Narumi and Anza of Head Phones President. Ugly Scene: HPP’s 3rd full album "Stand In The World" release is in 2012.6.6 and “Purge The World” is available on iTunes. That is very exciting news. Could you tell us a little about the album and the song? NARUMI: I'm so excited!! The title "Stand In The World" means Don't shut yourself away and Look around. HPP always had some negative messages like "Pain, Agony, Refusal". This is the first time to impart the positive message. This is a big step for HPP and I'm sure HPP is growing up. Ugly Scene: HPP was recently in the US and performed on stage and did a Q&A session during the MTAC Omega in Nashville. Are there any memories that stand out from that event? NARUMI: I took a lot of pictures with Cosplayers and I'm uploading those pictures on my Facebook. It's a little bit difficult to take a lot of pictures with fans on ordinary show. I really enjoyed the MTAC!! Ugly Scene: HPP also played in NY City at The Delancy. How is the atmosphere on stage different going from a large show such as the MTAC Omega to a smaller more closer up and personal venue like the one in NY? 530555_473916525979748_1096554662_nNARUMI: I love both! I can see everyone's face in small club and I can feel everyone's heart beat! A large place feels like you stand face to face with big monster. Not all bands can play in a large place even if the band has skill. I would like to thank everyone who support HPP. Ugly Scene: Are the fans that support you here different from then back home? NARUMI: Not so different from Japan but some Japanese fans are the introvert type. They don't scream and don't move during the show. But they say "thanks for awesome show for me" with crying after the show. Japanese HPP fans may be a little bit unique. Ugly Scene: When the band creates a song how is the idea formed? Does one person create the lyrics with an idea for the music or does the band meet, have a jam session and see what happens? NARUMI: Everyone brings the ideas for the songs. The ideas also come from HIRO along with jamming the ideas many many times. When it becomes a basic track, Anza scats on that. I convert to English from her scat and make lyrics with Anza. Ugly Scene: Who are your biggest supporters and influences? NARUMI: My mother is the biggest supporter for me. She has been a member of a choir group in my hometown since the 1970's. When I was a kid, she made me take piano lessons for a couple of years. This experience helped make my musical background. When I quit the piano and started the guitar she was so glad and said "my son found thing that he really wants to do from my heart!" And now, she is a biggest fan of HPP!! Ugly Scene: What is your biggest challenge as a band so far? NARUMI: To make the new album. Two years ago one of member left the band. So we have to change the familiar way and have to start over with a clean slate. But now we could find the new way and we just go with the now. UglyScene: What is your most memorable performance so far? NARUMI: Every show is memorable and special for me. If I had to choose, the first show since I joined the band at the small club in NYC. Ugly Scene: If you could tour with anyone who would it be? NARUMI: Tool and Deftones!! UglyScene:  One of the purposes for UglyScene is looking at the other side of glam. That comes from the idea that music is inspiring and music can, in some peoples opinion, save someone’s life or keep them on the right path. Also that if a person hears someone that they look up to musically talk about certain issues they can get the help they need. Would you like to talk about anything regarding this? NARUMI: Music saved my life too. Some HPP fans say to me "You give me the force. I can do my best now." That is the most delightful thing for me. Ugly Scene: Is there anything else you would like to add? NARUMI: Save the earth and don't do drugs!! And now we come to the Eve’s Scene Questions with the lovely and talented Anza: Eve’s Scene: Before the band was formed you performed with the Sailor Moon musicals.  Would you share with us how that experience has helped in your journey as a vocalist/musician? Anza: Yes, I played Sailormoon in a musical. The experience has helped me every time I perform. I don't sing just in a rock style. I perform with all of my body, emotion and I can't perform without the experience of the musical. Eve’s Scene: Did you always dream of becoming a singer growing up? Who was your biggest influence? Anza: Actually, I wanted to be a woman actor when I was a child. But when I listened to a song by HIDE from X-JAPAN I really wanted to do rock just like HIDE. Eve’s Scene: Tell us about the first song you wrote. Anza: I wrote a song for my solo project before I start the HPP which was a pop song. My first song in HPP is "Escapism". Eve’s Scene: Do you have any female lead vocalists that inspire you? Anza: She is not a rock artist, but Björk is the one that inspires me the most. Eve’s Scene: Is there any advice you would like to give other aspiring female artists? Anza: Don't imitate someone. If you could be a vocalist who has your own style it will widen the possibilities of music. I would like to thank Narumi and Anza for taking the time in answering the questions. It means a lot to fans here in the states. We wish you all the best in the future! - Michelle Lynn For more Info on HPP: Website Facebook Twitter YouTube  

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