Maiko of Dazzle Vision Interview

306255_199316850131320_121201121276227_578233_5369049_n-300x300Dazzle Vision, a band that should rightly be high the list of everyone’s musical radar, consists of the vocals of Maiko, John on guitar, Takuro on Bass and Haru on drums. Their music is a vision of harmonious mixture of punk, pop, and screaming rock with the beautifully melodic voice of Maiko. Dazzle Vision released their first album “Origin of Dazzle” back in 2006 which they soon sold out of. Their newest release in 2011 is titled Kirari which quickly climbed to the top of the charts at Tower Records and HMV. Every year the band has grown stronger with recognition and recently served as the opening act for Evanescence in Tokyo and Nagoya. Eve’s Scene: First of all I would like to thank you for granting Eve’s Scene with an interview. I appreciate you taking the time. Maiko: The pleasure is mine. I'm very excited to introduce DAZZLE VISION to the people around the globe through this interview. Eve’s Scene: What is the music scene like in Japan? Is it fairly competitive? Maiko: The scene is quite diverse, rock, pops, anime songs, metal etc all in a single melting pot. We as a band are more focused on bringing our music to the fans, so we are not that interested in being competitive within the music scene of today. Eve’s Scene: What was your biggest challenge as a band? What is it like writing with a new guitarist? Maiko: It was quite challenging for me to control the shouting parts and the melodic parts. Eve’s Scene: What is your most memorable performance? Maiko: We opened for Evanescence in their Japan tour at Zepp Tokyo and Zepp Nagoya recently, and that was quite an experience. On the first night in Tokyo our guitar amp blew up while playing "Eternity", and we had to play the rest of the song without the guitar. I was very scared of messing up the show, but the Evanescence team was really kind with us, and we were lucky to use one of their amplifiers for the rest of the night. I was a big fan of Evanescence even before I started the band, so it was really exciting. Amy Lee inspired me a lot as a vocalist. We all felt upliftted thanks to this experience. We are grateful for them in all aspects. Eve’s Scene: If you could tour with anyone who would it be and why? Maiko: There's so many, but my choice would be Evanescence. It would be great to play with them in Japan again, but I would love to go on tour together in other countries too. Eve’s Scene: When it came to your dreams as a musician who was your biggest supporters? Maiko: Our goal is to play a headline show at the Budokan. Eve’s Scene: Did you always dream of becoming a singer growing up? Who was your biggest influence? Maiko: I always wanted to be a performer.  There are so many bands that influenced us, Story of the Year, The Used, System Of A Down, Slipknot, etc. Eve’s Scene: Tell us about the first song you wrote. Maiko: The first song I wrote was "COLORED" in our second album Camellia Japonica. Takuro (our bassist) taught me how to play the guitar, and I came up with the melodies, arrangements, and lyrics strumming the chords. It was really a fun experience. Eve’s Scene: Do you have any female lead vocalists that inspire you? Maiko: Singers like Ayumi Hamasaki and Avril Lavigne are my personal favorites. Eve’s Scene: In your newest album Kiari, how did the songs develop and what do they mean to you? Maiko: There was a new chemistry among us when John joined the band two years ago. It's our first album with the current line up, so we wanted this album to represent the new DAZZLE VISION, and that there's a bright future ahead of us. That's why we named the album Kirari. (Kirari is a similar word to "twinkle" in English) Eve’s Scene: Is there any advice you would like to give other aspiring female artists? Maiko: Have fun in everything you do! Eve’s Scene: Is there anything else you would like to add to promote the band and the new album? Maiko: Our main focus for this year is playing live. We will be releasing a new album called SHOCKING LOUD VOICE on May 4th. The album's concept is the live performance itself. It will include our live signature  songs, remixes, newly remastered songs, a live recording version, and two brand new songs making it a total of ten songs. I would love to sing and shout along these songs with all our fans in the US. So please listen to the album and practice for us! I'm eager to hear your Dazzle calls as well. Can't wait to meet you again in our next US tour! I would like to thank Maiko again for the interview! - Michelle Lynn For More Information:  YOUTUBE niconico Twitter Bolog

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