Interview with Toryn Green Lead Singer of For the Taking

Toryn Green lead singer of the band For the Taking speaks with UglyScene from the heart about his new band, project and life. UglyScene: I wanted to ask you about the new album. When is it going to come out? Toryn: How far do you want to go? You know all about Fuel and Apocalyptica right? UglyScene: Right. Toryn: The new band was formed in Long Island, New York. The band was originally called A Farewell Fire with another signer. When I got out of Fuel and Apocalyptica I needed a band to be behind me on some of the songs that I was writing with different co-writers around the country. My manager decided that he was going to solve two problems in one and he was going to put me with A Farewell Fire because they were having issues with their signer. He was going to let them rehearse the songs that I had written and find out if we gelled well. I flew back and forth to New York a couple of times, met with the band and the band and I hit it off pretty well. We started writing more songs and playing shows locally around the New York area then in Indianapolis as well and even some shows in Alaska. Since that time the music library that we have been writing has become more and more expansive but is also becoming more diverse because of the different styles of the co-writers that we’re working with. Everyone from Tommy Henrikson to Corey Lowery who is the bass player of Eye Empire and also his brother is Clint from Sevendust. We wrote a great new song with him called Lie to Me and that is probably going to be one of the first songs that people are going to get to hear. We haven’t actually put that song out on line yet. I think there are some live performances that have been taped that may be on line but that’s as far as we have gotten so far. We were in the midst of doing an EP for release on iTunes when we were sideswiped for the moment with doing some showcases. At the moment it seems like our direction is to keep showcasing and writing. We want to make sure that we lock down the correct tone for us but are not opposed to touring and touring until basically we have built the fan base to where it needs to be and to get out there and play as much as we can. Now that summer is right here we’re booking up the summer as we go with shows everywhere. The next line up of shows that you are going to see that we are going through some minor changes within the band right now but everything will be lined up by the first show which will be June 9th at the Mohican Sun in Connecticut. UglyScene: Do you have a record label and are not going to launch independently? Toryn: We are not signed as of right now but are in talks with different people. UglyScene: Where did you get the name and who decided on the name For the Taking? Toryn: When we first got together and we decided that the band obviously needed a name. We each were coming up with a full submission of names and bouncing them off of our manager and each other. I think what it was is a combination of not only what we liked together and what basically made our sound what we were. When we decided that where we were at in the phase of our life everything that we do with the music that we create basically puts the future in our hands as a whole like the world is essentially ours for the taking. We wanted to encompass the name of who we were into the name of the band itself. UglyScene: When you started singing for the band Fuel you had to take on the vocals of the previous singer. Even though you were not imitating him most of the songs were not written for you. Also when you were touring with Apocalyptica you had to adjust your vocal style. With this new band how do you feel and is it now more comfortable for you to simply use your style? Toryn: The funny thing was that with Fuel I think a lot of the reason I was chosen among all the people that auditioned for the band was that when I sang the original songs with the tone of my voice there wasn’t a tremendous amount of ear shock as far as sounding different than the recorded versions. With Apocalyptica it was more about how we gelled as a unit on the road rather than how I think how close my voice emulated with what Adam or Corey did on that record. I think that with For the Taking every new recording that I do I feel like I grow as a vocalist and as an artist and I feel like my voice is almost evolving. You are right there is more freedom to be and make the music sound as true as it should sound rather than having to try and fit in the shoes per say. That’s part of the excitement for me is that even though this new band is in the stages that a lot of people don’t know about the band yet so the crowds are not obviously where the bands crowds were like they were before. But when I’m out there singing the songs and when the crowd is singing back words of what I have written of things that have happened to me and it is my music put out there now it means so much more. I long to get back in front of the crowds that I was in front of before signing my music to them. Now with the vocals again I know you said it sounds different but I’d like to know how you feel it’s different. UglyScene: When I would listen to you sing with Fuel, in my opinion, sometimes and please don’t take it the wrong way, it seemed like you were a little bit forcing the roughness on your voice. When I saw you with Apocalyptica it wasn’t like that but it was still and now when I listen to the songs with For the Taking I can tell there is no tension on your voice. Toryn: Right and Thank you. What songs have you heard from For the Taking? UglyScene: I have listened to some on MySpace but I have the four song EP’s so I have listened to all of them. Toryn: All those songs on the four song EP were songs that I co-wrote with Brian Vodinh of the band 10 Years. Those were the songs that the band For the Taking learned before I ever met them. They were the first direction that this band was before we were even formed. That was the blueprint of the band you might say. As we have been working together as in writing more with other writers and so forth in songs like Forbidden You and The Choice which were written with Tommy Henrikson you might feel that those songs are a little heavier. We certainly feel like they are heavier than the first four that we wrote. You might hear a little bit different stylistically in vocals but I would like to get your feedback on that as well. When you hear Lie to Me you will again hear that it is heavier as we go. It’s as we write the band becomes heavier and heavier whereas the initial and there again it’s a little unfair to say that to because I know that we have a ballad which is in the mix that the band recently wrote as well. What I want is for this band to be as dynamic as possible. I want the ballads to be what they are and I want the rockers to be what they are with a lot of space in the middle. I don’t want to have a stamped sound. I want there to be a lot of variables in the band. UglyScene: I think that the variety in the songs as far as I’ve heard is very good. I think that one thing is that you have the ballads and some that are not too heavy. I think they all would do great on the radio. Toryn: Have you had a chance to hear Lie to Me? UglyScene: Lie to Me was not there. Toryn: Lie to Me is the truest and newest sound of what the band is to be. UglyScene: When the band creates a song how is the idea formed? Do you come with lyrics ready and an idea for the music or do you meet with the band have a jam session and see what happens? Toryn: The way that a lot of these were written in some instances the band wasn’t writing together. The band was living in New York and I live in Los Angeles which makes it a little bit tough to co-write. A lot of times what they will do is create a song that is a musical arrangement and they will send it over to me. I will live with it for a few days and let the melody find me and take what I am going through at the moment or take some sort of feeling of which creative direction I feel like the song and start it on the fly. Typically with co-writes I’ll have a scheduled appointment to where I’ll fly to, say for example, Atlanta to meet with Corey and then we will have a schedule to where we will write for the day and we will bang out the song arrangements, melody, lyrics and it will all just pop right on the fly. A lot of times it works one way but there are a lot of different ways of writing. My preferred way is having the music created first and then letting the music tell me what the song is going to be about. Then it’s up to me to find those lyrics and to make it really come from the best place within. UglyScene: When you are on the road how do you manage touring with having family? Toryn: I’m not married but I have a son who is ten and lives with his mom. I have a chance to go and visit him whenever I get home. I try to get out there to visit when I can for a few days. The only time it gets tough on tour is being away from him. Aside from that I don’t really have a family per say living here in Los Angeles. UglyScene: Is there anything else you would like to add about your new project? Toryn: I’m just really excited to let everyone hear what it is we have been creating. I know that we have been kind of keeping a lot of it under wraps and we have been very selective over the songs that we have let people hear versus the songs that we have already written. I think that’s probably partially due to because we want to have something that we want to put out correctly with the right whether it is a label or however it is going to go out. I’m just excited for people to hear what this new project is and to see another side of me not just as a vocalist but as a song writer as well. This is like what it has always been about for me. UglyScene: One of the purposes for UglyScene is looking at the other side of glam. That comes from the idea that music is inspiring and music can, in my opinion, save someone’s life. Also that if a person hears someone that they look up to musically talk about certain issues they can get the help they need. Would you like to talk about anything regarding this? Toryn: I can say that I’ve gone through a lot of traumatic things in life but none of them had to do with any type of drug addiction. I certainly have felt a lot of different painful situations. The songs that I have written tended to touch home with a lot of different people through the years and I have gotten numerous messages on social media like MySpace and Facebook of people talking about how songs that I have written or even songs that I have just been a vocalist on with Fuel and so forth. Of how songs have touched people in certain ways and basically gotten them through a lot of the tough things in their life. I have to say that it’s one of the strongest compliments to know that something that I created or helped create helped someone get through something in their life that otherwise they may have not have gotten through it. I want to continue to do that and I always want to be the kind of artist that people can reach out to. I never want to be unreachable if that makes any sense. I always try to give back as much as I am given and everyone has always been great with me. That’s what it’s about for me. Thank you Toryn for taking the time to answer our questions it was a pleasure talking with you. Apologies for it taking soo long to get this interview out. On a personal note I just listened to Lie to Me and I Love Love Love It!!!

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