Postcards from Montreal – EP Review

a2945901296_2There are times when a musician creates a melody of songs that in one moment can make someone, pause, listen and forget what they were doing. I had one of those moments while listening to Amanda Creiglow’s album Postcards from Montreal.

The first three songs of the album “I’ll Be True”, “I Did the Writing” and “A Drive Down the Coastline” consist of sweet melodies that a person can sit back and relax to while watching the world go by.

The album picks up a bit with “All I Want to Think About” with its heartfelt words making anyone listening smile. As her words say “Hungover and hung up on you” it can be a sweet or sad song of emotions depending on how you look at it.

“In the Morning” reminds me of a cherished friend who helped me get through some rough times. It is a beautiful ballad that makes me think back to the long drives we had to get me through them.

A harmonic balled “In Time” brings me to realize that there is only one more song to listen to and I think about the lyrics that “only time will tell” if we will hear more lovely music from Amanda.  As the song says “worth the time” and I say yes, this album is worth the time.

“Montreal” is the final song on the album and even though it seems like a sad song, I can’t put my finger on it, but her voice still lifts you up a bit it seems no matter what she sings about.

Amanda’s voice is refreshing, honest, on point and when she adds the acoustic guitar. The guitar flows well with soothing hooks (finger picking as I seem to remember her saying fondly) and everything just meshes together.

I look forward to more songs the future from Amanda Creiglow. Below are links to buy the album and support other endeavors and I recommend buying the album because it is worth the listen for anyone willing to take the time to let the emotions flow.

You can find Amanda on:







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